Create a legacy.
Preserve your memoiries.

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Create a legacy. Preserve your memoiries.
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Whose Memoiry Journal do you wish you could read? Who would wish to read yours?

In most cases, memoiries are far greater and more important than a financial legacy. Sharing philosophies, morals, wisdom, and experiences can impact generations by encouraging families to talk and learn from each other….thus enriching everyone’s lives.

Todd Bramson created The Memoiry Journal to honor his mother, a fourth grade teacher who inspired and motivated him and all of her students to enjoy and celebrate their unique gifts.

Recording your memoiries is easy. The first part of The Memoiry Journal is a step-by-step guide with questions to help you recall your best memoiries. The second part contains outlines for you to fill in the details of your memoiries.

The Memoiry Journal is about connecting with others and makes a great gift for:

  • parents and grandparents
  • newlyweds or expecting parents
  • students and teachers
  • clients/customers
  • the list is endless…
Memoiry Journal

The Memoiry Journal will guide your writing through insightful questions and organization. You will be encouraged and inspired to remember, record, and write your top 100 Memoiries.

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How can I use The Memoiry Journal?
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