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    Provide our troops a temporary escape from the hardships they face overseas. Help them remember home, and maintain positivity with The Memoiry Journal.
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For Our Troops

Our troops are amazing people. They brave new lands to fight for our many freedoms. Still, despite their immeasurable strength and courage, they too need to be uplifted and supported. Each and every active duty soldier and veteran deserve our thanks.

While we may not be able to be with them while they are abroad, we can supply them with unbridled encouragement through the power of reflection. Provide our troops with a temporary escape from the hardships they face overseas, remember home, and reflect on the happy times of their past as they complete their own Memoiry Journal.

Todd sent 120 Memoiry Journals to 1st Lieutenant, William Bishop and the men of the Alpha Company, FOB Airborne at their post in Afghanistan. William sent the following email: “Mr. Bramson, Thank you so much for your support of all the guys out here. The combat outpost we are at is very small and isolated, so it’s great to get anything from home. We have received the Memoiry Journals over the past few shipments of mail that have come in. I’ve distributed them out to all the guys who wanted them. The few that remained are used for some of our battle tracking purposes.”

Help support our troops by providing a service man or woman a blank Memoiry Journal for them to use while abroad. Or, send them off with a Memoiry Journal that you have filled out, to remind them of stories from home, so that they may gain strength and maintain a positive perspective serving away from loved ones.

Ideal For:

Veterans Suffering from PTSD – Aid in the rehabilitation process by reminding your veteran of the happy times in their lives.

Active soldiers – Provide a valuable source of strength and belonging as they read the stories you’ve written or they fill in their own.

Wounded soldiers – Help wounded service men and women regain their strength through the power of reflection.

Families of fallen heroes – Gain closure, and commemorate the life of your fallen hero by reflecting upon, and recording their stories

Interested in how you can use the Memoiry Journal to support our troops? For more information, please email us at toddbramson@gmail.com.

We look forward to using the Memoiry Journal to help our soldiers and veterans.

How can I use The Memoiry Journal?
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