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Creator of The Memoiry Journal, Todd Bramson, is featured on Madison’s NBC 15 Hot Trends as he discusses his inspiration for The Memoiry Journal.

What is a Memoiry?

We all have memories – stories we’ve told again and again or secrets we’ve never shared. Some are seemingly always in our consciousness. Others we only remember when something triggers us to… followed by the thought, “Wow, I’d forgotten all about that!” Often, we don’t see any meaning or lessons in an event until much later, when we recall it as a memory. With that hindsight, we gain a perspective we couldn’t possibly have had in the moment. Those memories, the ones that shine a light on our human experience in a simple or profound way, are what we have given the name memoiry.

The term memoiry was coined by Todd Bramson, creator of The Memoiry Journal, to combine the powerful concepts of memory and memoir. Following his mother’s death, he discovered a collection of stories and life lessons she had written, and was inspired to create something meaningful for his own children.

Now, in this space, and with The Memoiry Journal, you can begin to capture and share your own memoiries.

“The process of remembering, reflecting, recording/writing down and sharing one’s memoiries is a healthy and positive thing to do. Not only would this be a very meaningful and worthwhile activity for families to share stories, events, and lessons learned….it would get the writer to focus on positive experiences generating a positive mental attitude. This could be done at any age.”

– Todd Bramson, creator of The Memoiry Journal

How can I use The Memoiry Journal?
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