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End of the School Year

Posted on: June 5th, 2012 by Todd Bramson

What do you remember about the last day of school? The feeling of complete freedom or sadness at the end of something so familiar? Times of transition make for great Memoiries!

The end of the school year typically brings mixed emotions which are often played out as the final bell rings on the last day. A friend recently summed it up with a Memoiry she has of her son’s last day of school one year.

My son’s first grade teacher was beloved by everyone. She was the teacher to have. I still refer to her as the “lovey-dovey” teacher. She adored her students and although she was nearing retirement when my son had her, I believe she remembered every kid she’d ever taught. She ran a tight ship, but with love and kindness and loads of praise she coaxed the best out of each student in her class. My son and his classmates learned so much and accomplished so much with her as their teacher. She had an extraordinary way with seven-year-olds!

Saying goodbye to her on the last day of school was not easy. The girls were crying. Even many of the boys were red-faced and teary. No one seemed to be leaving the room. I didn’t quite know what to make of it. I’d never experienced anything like it – all these kids so sad about the end of the school year! It was overwhelming. Then one little boy, one of my son’s good friends, spoke up. Completely dry-eyed in the midst of all the high emotion, he said in a loud voice, “Why is everyone crying? It’s SUMMER, isn’t it?!”

That made the adults in the room laugh and broke the tension a bit. I remember thinking, “Thank goodness. A normal kid!”

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